Fosfitalia Groups

The Fosfitalia Group is currently divided into five companies, each with a defined function that distinguishes it from the others:


Fosfitalia s.p.A.

It is the leader of the Group and is the company dedicated to industrial production.
Its main activity, and also the best known, is the production of calcium phosphates for zootechnical use, obtained by chemical synthesis using orthophosphoric acid. Calcium phosphates are mineral products for animal feed; are used in feed and help meet the phosphorus and calcium needs of animals.
Industrial production takes place in the two factories located in Forli ‘and Ravenna.

  • In Ravenna, a port town near Forlì, the company owns a coastal depot along the main branch of the Candiano canal, on the banks of which many of the major national industries rise and operate.
    The coastal depot, located inside the plant, has the capacity to accommodate up to 15,000 tons of orthophosphoric acid coming by sea, by means of tankers that can dock on the quay of the plant, adjacent and facing it.
  • The production of calcium phosphates for livestock use dates back to the early 70s, initially in the Forlì plant and then in the Ravenna plant, built in the early 90s when the company consolidated its leadership on the national market.
    In 2008 the company diversified production between the two sites, renovating the existing plants in Forli ‘, so that today it can count on two technically advanced production complexes equipped with all the components necessary for certified quality production.
    The analysis and research laboratory is particularly specialized in the production control of mineral phosphates.
    The company adopts the most up-to-date regulations in terms of safety, traceability, environment and quality, having within it a special qualified control department.

The productions are stored in paper, polypropylene bags and in big bags inside covered warehouses and also in bulk in dedicated silos.

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medizoo s.r.l.

Founded in 1962, Medizoo immediately established itself on the national livestock market as one of the first and best-known trading companies in the field of products for agriculture and livestock.
In 1991 it was purchased by Fosfitalia Spa for the marketing – as a sales person – of the calcium phosphates from this products.
In addition to Fosfitalia products, it sells almost all the raw materials necessary for zootechnical nutrition.
The company’s goal is to offer its customers the sole supplier of all the mineral raw materials necessary for the formation of feed and products for the sector, but also to offer the same mineral products in other sectors – agricultural and industrial.
As mentioned, the company acts directly through the use of a storage warehouse in Forlì.



It should be noted that the business of Fosfitalia Immobiliare – a newly formed company following the spin-off of Fosfitali s.p.a. – consists in the rental concession of the two factories in Forlì and Ravenna to Fosfitalia s.p.a.

tecnophos bianco logo

Tecnophos s.r.l.

Established in 2010, it is the last born of the companies of the Fosfitalia Group, it groups within it all the highly technical activities required for the activities of the other companies. Its tasks are:

  • The supervision and reporting of production.
  • The management of maintenance, modifications and new implementations to the plants.
  • The management of the entire company IT system.
  • The management of the internal analysis laboratory.

Medisped s.r.l.

Established in September 2002, it is the Group company that deals with logistics and transport. Its operational headquarters is in Ravenna and is located in the Fosfitalia plant, on the canal front.
Registered in the register of transporters for third parties, it intends to develop the storage, packaging and transport of mineral products for animal husbandry and the agricultural sector.
The goal is to handle the imports, exports and handling of goods of all the group’s operating companies. Specifically, it deals with:

  • Handling of goods
  • Transport
  • Distribution
  • Storage

The company actively uses the two warehouses (Forlì and Ravenna), the silos for the storage of powdered products and its own vehicles for liquids and powders.


mediservice s.r.l.

Founded in 1993, it is a multifunctional company providing centralized services for all Group companies.

  • The tax administration.
  • Personnel administration.
  • The management of banks.
  • The management of regulations and certifications relating to the Group’s activities.

The services listed centralize functions common to all the Group’s activities, without invading individual skills.